Bail Bonds

In the game of Monopoly, you can luck up and land a Get Out of Jail Free card. In the game of life, your bail bond agent is your Get Out of Jail NOT Free card. But hey; at least you have a Get Out of Jail Card, right!

Sitting in jail is a horrible condition to be in. It disrupts your life, it punishes you before you're convicted, and it can be psychologically and emotionally traumatic. Additionally, jail isn't safe, especially in Los Angeles County!

LA County jail is one of the most notorious jails in the United States of America. It is rife with gang activity, violence, theft, and it poses an all-around unsafe environment for all of its prisoners, especially the most vulnerable ones. Even hardened criminals quiver at the thought of being incarcerated in LA County. Chances are; you're probably not a hardened criminal. You're probably just an average person who either made a bad choice or got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Anyone Can Be Arrested

Sadly, it doesn't take much to wind up in jail these days. People end up in jail all the time in and around LA for reasons such as inability to pay child support or DUI arrest. Most of the time, we're dealing with otherwise honest, decent, law-abiding Californians. It's a good thing that House of Bail Bonds is there when people like you need us most!

House of Bail Bonds is There When it Counts

If your loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime, you may be wondering what to do next? Well, you're in the right place now. At House of Bail Bonds, our bail bond agents are experienced in the criminal justice system, and we can help you through this difficult process. Although your situation may be scary and full of uncertainties, we can help get your friend, family member, coworker, colleague, or whomever you're trying to help, to get out of jail so that they can get back to their normal lives.

Bail Bonds Help People Get Out of Jail and Stay Out of Jail

Putting a legal defense together from behind bars is a challenge, to put it mildly! In most cases, it's outright impossible to do so. When a person is locked up, they can't access evidence that would support their defense. They can't conduct their own research to make the right steps throughout the various phases of the criminal justice process. Indeed, if a person is going to have a chance to put together a sound defense, including finding a quality lawyer, they need to be free - not behind bars!

We're Glad to Help You

House of Bail Bonds is proud to assist people with getting out of jail. The constitution of California and the United States of America implicitly states that all people have a right to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Being locked up without having been convicted tramples all over that constitutional right.

Bail Bonds
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